Compliance, Ethics and Transparency at OCTAVIC

Here at OCTAVIC, our culture and compliance system provide a clear framework for our actions and are built around our Code of Conduct. We think that it is our responsibility to act with integrity and maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do. Our goal is to build trust and give confidence to our partners in business and to the community that we serve on a day-to-day basis. The Code we have in place at OCTAVIC sets out a common framework around how we do business and how we are expected to behave. Knowing, understanding, and living the Code, is a fundamental part of who we are as OCTAVIC professionals, and what we stand for.
Our recruitment perfectly integrates principles such as labor laws, equal opportunity, and human rights considerations. These are also principles that conduct our procurements, community relations and all the business relationships we have with authorities in the many different countries where we are active as a company.
We promote mutual respect as well as a free and fair work environment that encourages freedom of expression and enhances productivity. Our work culture encourages openness, creativity, unbiased appraisal system and a fair reward system. Respecting Human Rights, OCTAVIC endorses international agreements and protocols including the UN guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and we are fully committed to respecting the rights of stakeholder in all our operations and business conduct.
As a company with clients all around the world and from all different industries, we understand the responsibility of working with sensitive data that is important for our partners, and to the communities that they serve every day. Therefore, we are in full compliance with all the GDPR regulations, we use all the latest technology available in data protection and we ensure that everyone's work is safe in our hands. We handle all personal data responsibly and we conduct all our data processing activities in line with applicable legal standards.

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