Production Efficiency Tracker

Install PET on


any production equipment

to enable real-time shopfloor management,

streamline your planning &
increase your production efficiency

Track production processes, quickly identify bottlenecks
and get real-time insights of your factory floor

How does PET work?

Our Production Efficiency Tracker is an OEE, shopfloor management
and real-time production scheduler system,
that empowers your manufacturing operations excellence.

We install a flexible hardware on your production lines,
that bridges machine data and people knowledge.

Now the system tracks everything on that production line
and reports back with the data that matters to you,
so that you can focus on operating at top level.

About Octavic

  • We encourage you to get in touch when:

    • You want to achieve an edge over your competitors by having a more efficient production setup
    • You are looking for a system that gives you the flexibility you need to digitalize your shop floor management
    • You want to work with a partner that understands your particular challenges and can come up with Industry 4.0 solutions to your needs

Octavic is here to help you improve the way you manage your manufacturing operations. PET can be implemented on any production line, any industry, and it adapts to any factory’s particular needs, without exception.

Here’s why PET is perfect for your production floor

PET is right for you because it provides:

Full flexibility for ANY industry and ANY production line, regardless of the factory’s technology

A super-simple system, works as plug-in-and-play

Short installation time and ongoing system development

Advanced visual management solutions on the production floor

Cost efficiency


PET can be help you reach manufacturing excellence in various industries

Why use PET?


Holistic solutions through bespoke hardware & software

Holistic Solution


Super-simple and adaptable system

Cost Effective


Fast installation time and ongoing system development

Holistic Solution


Cost efficient

Cost Effective


Partners & Awards


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